Wednesday May 31, 2023
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Back Protectors
it to a properly trained retailer who has attended a BETA Safety course is recommended.

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The use of body protectors is Compulsory for all Cross Country riding and Pony Racing in both training or competing.

BETA 2009 Level 3 (purple label) body protectors will continue to be accepted at Pony Club competitions until 31st December 2023. From 1st January 2024 only body protectors that meet BETA 2018 Level 3 Standard (Black and Blue Label) are to be used.

Body Protector Rule

, chest and waist to waist measurements (taking the tape measure from the front of the waist over the shoulder and down the back to the waist).

u Use the size chart in the user instructions (attached to all new BETA Standard garments) to find the correct size.
u If the measurements are at the top or bottom of a size range, try to find the two closest sizes to establish which is more comfortable.
u Try on over light clothing or the clothing normally worn under the BP. Heavier garments (eg rainwear) are best worn
over the BP.
u Adjust the garment by its fastenings at the shoulders and waist to fit snugly.
If one cannot be found that fits comfortably some manufacturers offer a made to measure service.
Correct Fit
Wear the protector for at least 5 minutes in the warmth to let the heat of your body soften the foam and allow it to mould to the contours of your body.
u The garment should fit securely and reasonably tightly to avoid movement during activity and to ensure that it is in place in the event of an accident.
u The top of the BP should just reach the top of the sternum (breastbone) at the front and the prominent bone at the base of the neck at the back.
u The front of the BP should not be less than 25mm below the ribcage.
u The BP must fit all the way round the torso.
u The BP and SP between them should cover the collarbone.
u The bottom of the back of the protector should not touch the saddle when mounted (some manufacturers offer short fittings or a shortening service).
u Check it is comfortable to wear in all simulated riding positions.
Some garments made to BETA 2000 and all garments made to BETA 2009 will have coloured velcro sections on the fastenings. If any coloured Velcro is showing after fitting this indicates that the BP does not fit correctly and a larger size should be tried.