Saturday December 2, 2023
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Whip and Stirrup Rules


For Show Jumping and Cross Country a padded whip must be used, full details of the type of whip can be found in the relevant sport Rulebook. In order to improve welfare of horses and ponies competing under The Pony Club, appropriate and excessive use of the whip has been defined, all members should be aware that excessive use of the whip will result in disqualification.


Stirrups should be of the correct size to suit the rider’s boots. They must have 7mm (¼”) clearance on either side of the boot. To find this measurement, tack checkers should move the foot across to one side of the stirrup, with the widest part of the foot on the tread. From the side of the boot to the edge of the stirrup should not be less than 14mm.
There are now many types of stirrups marketed as ‘safety stirrups’. All riders must ensure that their stirrups are suitable for the type of footwear they are wearing and the activities in which they are taking part and that the stirrup leathers are in good condition.
There are no prescribed weight limits on metal stirrups, however with the advent of stirrups of other materials, weight limits are seen to be given by manufacturers. Any person buying
these stirrups, should take particular notice if weight limits are on the box or attached information leaflets. Neither the feet nor the stirrup leathers or irons, may be attached to the
girth, or the feet attached to the stirrup irons.
It is strongly recommended that the design of the stirrup chosen allows the foot to be released easily in the event of a rider fall. Specific rules for individual sports can be found in the respective sports rulebooks.
Particular focus should be on ensuring that the boot and stirrup are the correct size for the rider taking part and used in line with the manufacturer’s guidance.
For the avoidance of doubt, at Pony Club events.

– Stirrups which connect the boot and the stirrup magnetically are not allowed
– Interlocking boot soles and stirrup Treads are not allowed


Spurs are allowed to be worn but our Coaches discourage the use of spurs during training. 

For Mounted Games only:
Bostock & Free Jump stirrups are not allowed at Pony Club Mounted Games events.
Stirrups which include Metal/ Metal type treads, including but not limited to those with protruding spikes and / or perforated grip features are NOT Permitted.