Saturday September 23, 2023
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Flu Vaccinations and EHV

To protect the the health of all horses and ponies and the biosecurity of venues, the following rules apply to all Pony Club activities.


A valid passport and vaccination record must accompany your horse/pony to all events. It should be available for spot checks at any time.

No horse/pony should attend an activity, compete or be present at any event as a companion unless it has a Record of Vaccination against Equine Influenza completed by the veterinary sureon who gave the vaccination, signed and stamped line by line, which complies with the Minimum Vaccination Requirements set out below:

Flu Vaccination:

  • The initial primary course of two injections are given with an interval of 21-92 days in between
  • The first booster (3rd injection) must be administered within 7 calendar months of the 2nd vaccination
  • Subsequent boosters must be administered at a maximum of 12 month intervals
  • Horses may attend a competition 7 days after receiving the second vaccination

Please refer to your veterinary surgeon for further information regarding your horse of pony if you have any concerns.


The Equine Herpes Virus is highly infectious and potentially fatal. Please don’t attend rallies, camps or competitions if your pony has a high temperature, a new cough, nasal discharge or is in a yard where there is a suspected or confirmed EHV case.