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We have an excellent reputation for the turn-out of our ponies and riders and below is a guide that will support our high standards.

Pony Club members should be neatly turned out at all times. New clothing is not expected but what is worn should be clean and tidy.



Jodhpurs or breeches should be beige, navy, brown, black, grey

Jodhpur boots or long boots are compulsory.

Chaps may be worn provided they are plain black or dark brown and have no tassels etc. Long socks worn over the top of jodhpurs are not permitted, unless hidden under chaps.

Hat silks to be plain black, navy, brown or Poole green colours

Branch sweatshirts or polo shirts, or white or blue collared shirts with a PC tie. Pony Club badges should also be worn.

No jewellery

No hoodies whilst riding

Hats must be worn at all times whilst mounted, conforming to hat rule 2024. Hats to be tagged at your first rally or when a new hat is purchased.

BETA 2018 Level 3 Standard (blue & black label) body protector is compulsory for all XC jumping and Pony Racing and recommended for SJ too. See the body protector rule 2024 for more information.



Ponies should be clean and tidy.

Tack must be well fitted, clean and checked regularly for safety, paying particular attention to the stitching.

Remember to check your stirrup irons; there should be 14mm clearance either side of your boots.

Numnahs or saddlecloths should be plain black, brown, blue or the Poole & District green colour.