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All you need to know about the Branch Rallies . . .

The Working Rally is the backbone of Pony Club activities and members are encouraged to attend on a regular basis. It may be either mounted, or during the winter months dismounted and instruction will be given by our qualified Pony Club coaches.

Junior rallies are for those aged under 12 years of age and Senior rallies are for members 12 years and over. We also put on  ‘Mini Rallies’ for our younger children. Members are grouped wherever possible with similar abilities but this very much depends on who has booked in.

Members should aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before the rally starts. This allows time to tack up and enables parents to assist with setting up equipment. You, your pony and its tack should be clean and neatly presented. Any photos, videos or recordings taken MUST have prior permission from the branch committee before posting on social media sites. This is to protect those children whose parents have not given permission for photos or videos to be taken. Safeguarding our members is paramount.

Parental assistance may be required to help put equipment away at the end of the rally – all committee members give their time voluntarily!

We look forward to seeing you all at some point at the rallies but if you have an issue you want to raise then you may wish to ring your DC. Our sole aim and the aim of the committee is to give you the best experiences we can at Pony Club with your ponies. Have fun!