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AREA DRESSAGE 7th JULY 2024  – Alnwick Ford, Northumberland

The object of the Competition is to stimulate interest and enjoyment in Dressage and correct training of the horse, thereby encouraging Members to improve their riding by acquiring and establishing an independent seat, and a true knowledge of the aids.

Area Tests 2024:

Prelim PC70 2022 Dressage Test
Grassroots Dressage  Test 2018
The PC Novice  Dressage Test 202
The PC   Intermediate test 2024
The PC Open test 2020

Championship Tests 2024:

Prelim PC70 Dressage Test
Grassroots Dressage Test 2024
Novice Dressage Championship Test 2017
Intermediate Dressage Championship Test 2023
Open Dressage Championship Test 2018

Prelim PC70 :  Riders must be 13 years and under on 1st January 2024

Prelim PC70+ : This is a class solely for individuals. There is no team competition.  Members must be aged 14 and over on 1st January  2024

Grassroots PC 80: Riders are NOT eligible if they have previously represented their Branch or Centre at Novice level or above in any Dressage or Eventing Area Competitions. Combination of Horse & Rider are NOT eligible if they have competed above Prelim level with British Dressage (or DI). Been placed 1st – 4th in the ride-off at a previous Regional

Novice 90, Intermediate 100 and Open 110:  
Eligibility rules for the above levels can all be found in the Pony Club  2024 Dressage Rule Book which can be purchased from Amazon. Dressage rule book 2024

New for this year, you can compete at two consecutive levels. 
70 + 80,  90 +100, 100+110.  You can’t do 80 +90