Useful Information

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The Pony Club offers so many activities both non ridden and ridden and there can be a lot to discover! This page highlights useful information to get started, the Branch Committee are also on hand to help everyone with questions and offer guidance.

Pony Club Rules and Policies

To keep everyone safe and uphold fair sportsmanship it is important to have Rules and Policies for competition and to support Official decision making. We encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the Rules and the Pony Club Policies. Login into the Resource Hub to find out more.

The Pony Club insurers insist that their health & safety rules are followed, so however petty you may think these rules are, they must be followed, they are all sensible and there for your safety.

To participate in CFHS activities you must have current Pony Club membership, as this also gives you insurance cover

All riding hats must be tagged before you ride – see our Rally page for more information.

All horses and ponies must have a current passport, which should be with you when travelling.
Horses’ and ponies’ vaccinations must be up to date.
From October 2020, all horses and ponies must be micro-chipped.

For dress rules see our Rally page.

Saddlery: tack must be safe and suitable for the horse/pony. Regular tack inspections are carried out to help members. More information on The Pony Club website. If in doubt buy ‘plain’, not multi-coloured!
Every discipline/sport has its’ own rules, please download or purchase the relevant discipline/sport rulebooks if you are part of an Area Team.

Parents/guardians are requested that they do not interfere in their child’s lessons but let Coaches and Instructors do what they are trained to do. If Members have a query their parent/guardian should feel free to ask, but, please, not during the lesson.

Members optionally consent to photographs/film of themselves and their horses/ponies being used and published for any purpose, by The Pony Club. Please do not publish images of groups of CFHS Members. All CFHS publicity on the internet and in the press is managed by the CFHS Committee, according to the Members’ consent.

In general …
Dogs must be kept on leads
No bicycles
No barbecues
Please keep younger siblings under control

Parents’ Information

Volunteers and Officials all work together to offer a wealth of opportunities to Members. Parents and Guardians also play a vital role, discover more in the Resource Hub.

Members Insurance

Every Member receives insurance cover from Howden Insurance Brokers Ltd, to protect Members whilst taking part in Pony Club and other equestrian activities. You will find information below about the insurance cover and it is strongly recommended that Parents, Guardians and Members review the information regarding the insurance policy provided.


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and The Pony Club take Safeguarding very seriously. The Safeguarding Policy signposts a range of documents, provides guidance and key contacts to support those who may have concerns about a vulnerable child, young person or adult. The Branch Safeguarding Officer is available to discuss immediate concerns and you can visit the Resource Hub to find all the relevant documents.