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Are you ready for another exciting year training and competing your ponies and horses? Would you like to know more about trying to be on a Pony Club team? What do you know about eventing? If you would like any help to these questions and more then please get in touch!

Eventing involves the 3 of the main equine disciplines being Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country.


July 13th at Richmond Equestrian Centre

JCB Championship 9th-17th August
Regional Championship 70/80cm -August 24th-26th Kelsall Hill, Cheshire

Whats next: Register your interest stating your name, horse and which level of competition ie 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 105cm, 110cm by email only: or to

You MUST have completed at a minimum: 2 xc rallies, 2 xc competitions in 2024.

Ensure you are currently competing in all 3 disciplines, especially XC.
Competition at a ODE is a different experience with all 3 disciplines being ridden at once compared to training individually on separate days!
Please ensure you make every effort to compete on grass and especially at a XC hunter trials.

‘Things you need to do’   Eventing Rule Book 2024

The Dressage tests:
PC70 – Prelim PC70 Dressage test 2022
Regional— Grassroots Dressage PC80 2018, Grassroots PC80 Championship Test 2024
PC 90—PC90 Eventing test 2013, PC90 Eventing Championship 2015
PC 100—PC100 Eventing 2015, PC100 Eventing Championship 2013.
Chairman’s Cup + PC110 – PC110 Eventing 2022, PC110 Eventing Championship Test 2015