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For those interested in Area Teams, information will be available on the relevant sport sub-page. There is a selection policy.  It is an honour and fun to be a member of a team and to represent our Branch.  CFHS has a very successful record at Area level and has qualified a number of teams for the annual Pony Club Championships. 

CFHS enters teams in Eventing, Show Jumping,  Tetrathlon, Dressage, Mounted Games, Horse & Pony Care and Quiz 

For Area teams you need to be confidently riding a dressage test unaided in all three paces and competed in dressage competitions.  Jumping you need to be confident over 70cm+ Jumps and competing at other venues.  For tetrathlon see the relevant page.

We hold mini competitions within the branch throughout the year and also practice dressage and jumping at all our rallies.

There is no minimum age for Area teams just your ability to compete at the level. The Branch will contribute 50% of entry fees for the Championships, but parents will be expected to meet all other expenses including entry fee for the Area competitions. Team Spirit – Team members are expected to support others, and respect team strategy.  Being in a team is very different from riding as an individual. At all times, even in disappointment, team members are expected to be a credit to the Branch. Parents must remember that outside assistance/interference can result in an individual and a team being disqualified. (Objections must go through the team organiser or DC).Eligibility – It is the responsibility of every team member to have a discipline Rule Book and know the  rules.

You will be asked for you CV for the current year for all Area Teams.  Please keep a record of competitions you have taken part in and how you did.

All horses and ponies taking part in Pony Club competitions at Area level and above must be fully vaccinated