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Area date 2024 July 20th/21st , hosted by the Morpeth PC  

Todburn – Running /Shooting and Swimming TBC

Championships  – Off Church Bury Warwickshire August 9th -11th

Triathlons start at Beanie level for very young members, usually under 7 and on lead rein in the riding section in an arena. Beanies throw a beanbag not shooting. The run and swim are shorter.  Swimming can be assisted.

Tadpoles- slightly older members.

Shooting training: Anyone NEW to triathlon/tetrathlon you need AT LEAST TWO shooting sessions with Jon Fletcher before you are allowed to enter a competitions.  This also applies to anyone returning to the sport after a short break.

Cross country rallies: check Pony Club website, ‘calendar’

Our branch also has the following rules: you must have a minimum of two formal shooting sessions

We advise parents/members to make use of local running or swimming clubs, (Eden Runners, Penrith Swimming Club, Carlisle Aquatics, Penrith Park Run), or to get together to arrange informal running and swimming practice.

What’s Next:

Eligibility for teams/individual for the Area Tetrathlon:

You must take part in two friendly/local triathlons/tetrathlons

Contact Jodie Gray or Linette Hall

The pony club northern area selected a team to compete at The Royal Windsor horse show and there is an international exchange to aim for .

Charlie Hall on Angus, part of the North of England winning team at The Royal Windsor horse show 2024

If the shooting trainer, the cross country instructor or the DC believes that the member is not ready for an Area competition, they will not be selected for this year, but encouraged to try again next year.


Benies/Tadpoles Arena Jumping.

(11 and under on 1st Jan 2024) … Minimus – BE 80cm

(14 and under on 1st Jan 2024) … Junior – BE 90cm

(up to 25 on 1st Jan 2024) … Intermediate/Open – BE 100/BE 1.10

Whilst most of the course at Area competitions will be below these heights, especially for the minimus competitors, there will be at least one fence at the correct height, and the course at the National Championships will be up to height.

You must have completed one cross country competition at, or as near as possible, to the height you will be expected to jump for your class, and some cross country rallies.

Dress: Pony Club T shirts, sweat shirts and navy jackets with the Pony Club logo can be worn for most phases. The mini-minimus members can wear bright green hoodies with the Pony Club logo, and ‘tetrathlon’ on the back. Pony club swimming hats are available from us. It is important to be smartly dressed for any prize giving. CFHS kit at Sam Scotts