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Games is amongst the most exciting of the Pony Club sports.  It involves a series of team relay races.  A team consists of five riders and ponies with four involved in each race. 

Training – games rallies running regularly at Newton Rigg see the calendar page or FB events.

Once you have attended a training there is a group What’s App to give specifics of competitions. (They are all also on this page)

Competitions: Friendlies (External hosts)

November 26th, January 27th, March 10th pairs competitions @Greenlands.-Cumbria Events. Book via Fiona Veitch

Cleveland friendly April 20th/21st

South Northumberland May 11th/12th – Incl Area Competition

Cumbria Events Weekend Penrith June 1/2nd. Team competition

Lanark – Zones and friendly July 6th/7th

Competitions – games are a true team event.  Trainers work to get the best out of each team member and the team as a whole.  There is no science to who participates in each race, who starts, who finishes and who hands over to whom.  This means that training is aimed at getting the best from the team as a whole and for the Senior A and Junior A teams we expect team members to make games their priority and to be available whenever the team is training and competition. (we will always try to schedule training around other activities when we can).

Parents – only those really new to games have the privilege of being spectators at training and especially competitions.  We need help at training to ensure safety with equipment.  At competitions all parents have to learn about stewarding and this means knowing the rules and getting involved.  It is compulsory for parents to steward at competitions.

Riding – members who take part in games are expected to develop their basic riding skills as well as games training.  Basic riding skills are an essential pre-requisite (except for the very young) to ensure safety and maximum fun.

Ponies – at the highest level the ponies are specialists and probably have more experience than the rider.  For everyone else the priorities are safety and fun.  Both these call for the same attributes – a pony that the rider can control in terms of steering and pace and that is level headed enough to work with the various items of equipment that are involved.

Games – each year the PC list the new games, these will be printed in the current year’s Rule Book.  All team members will be required to buy a Rule Book and inwardly digest all the information on tack/conduct/rules of each game/stewarding for parents etc.

If you are under 15 (seniors) or under 11 (juniors) on Jan 1st in the current year, under 19 on the Jan 1st (Pairs) and want to have fun come along.  You must be off lead-rein and in control.   You don’t need be able to vault on YET!!!  But we will be practising this.

Friendly Competitions

We will aim to attend several friendly competitions which show you how the games competitions run and the standard we aim to meet before the area event which is in May.  Parents you WILL need to steward at some of these competitions,  there are NO exceptions.  These events won’t run unless we all help.

More information about CFHS Games Teams: CFHS Games Tack & Turnout for Comps